Wardrobe Rings


Sometimes, you need something beautiful and subtle to show the world how much you love what you do.  And we are confident that we've found just the thing -- these beautiful measuring tape rings.

Now -- in honesty -- we found a vendor who made something similar, but when we tried them out, we found that they could be crushed to powder almost instantly with the slightest bit of pressure -- that's because they were made of a cheap zinc alloy like the cheapest of costume jewelry.  NINJA isn't here to sell you crap.

That's why our rings are EXCLUSIVE to NINJA and are made of 100% Stainless Steel, meaning that they are virtually indestructible (although they might destroy a washing machine if you lose it in the laundry room).  That's tough.

Available in your choice of silver or gold finish, these rings look incredible, are super comfortable and will last a very long time.  Currently available in US Ring Sizes 5-8.

Sizes:  US 5-6-7-8

Finish:  Silver or Gold

Contents:  100% Stainless Steel