Panic at the Distro Shirt

"When the world gets too heavy, put it on my back..." -- unless we are talking about feeder cable, in which case put it on the damn ground.

If your distro panel had "high, high hopes" for better organization, time to own it with this great new lighting shirt for the LX tech in your life. 

Just like your dimmer rack, this shirt is a DISCHARGE print.  What is discharge printing?  It essentially means that we have stripped away the color from the shirt to create the red tones you see, meaning there is zero screen printing on this shirt.  The result?  The most comfortable shirt in your closet that will fade evenly and not "crack" over time.  Trust us.

Now available in Unisex sizes XS-XXXL.

Unisex XS-XXXL (US)
(See Size Chart for More Details)