(Don't Touch My) Fabric Scissors



You know it.  We know it.  It's a constant problem.  Why can't people leave your fabric scissors ALONE?!  Strike back with this quality pair of tailor scissors in black metal with gold text on the blade itself which proclaims "DON'T TOUCH MY FABRIC SCISSORS!"

Scissors are 9 inch tailor scissors -- you will be satisfied with their quality.  These ultra-sharp fabric shears are made of high carbon steel which is stronger than stainless steel.  They have good edge retention and the ability to make a clean cut through multiple layers of fabric.

They are also rounded and ergonomic to fit easily into your hand without rubbing or pinching, and rubberized handles allow for a comfortable grip and precise cutting.  The bent handle helps hold materials flat for smooth, accurate tabletop cuts.  Chamfering process on tailor scissors blade head avoids scratching cloth accidentally.