Magic Ninja Ball

$5.99 $14.99


Ever wish you had a crystal ball to tell you about your upcoming tech week?  NINJA is here to deliver with our brand new Magic Ninja Ball.

Yes, just like the Magic 8 Balls of yesteryear, we bring you the Magic Ninja Ball, replete with its 20 different answers, truly the world's first technical theatre magic prediction toy.

Built of study plastic, our 20-sided die will float and rise, revealing the future against the plastic window pane.  Answers to these and many more questions can be found inside:

- Will Evan ever learn his lines?
- Will Elizabeth ever shut up during notes?
- Can we afford to build new item X?
- Will I end up living in the prop shop for the rest of my life?
- And many many more.

Magic Ninja Ball is 10cm in diameter and contains fluid.  Not suitable for children under 3 or for placing in your carry-on bag, but looks excellent on your TD or Department Head's desk, or by your side as hell week begins.

CLEARANCE ITEM:  Over time, an air bubble has formed in the top of the liquid chamber.  This toy is totally usable and will give you an answer every time -- there is just a slight cosmetic defect in the presentation, thus the price reduction.